Wooden Boat Show

13th Annual Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show

August 19-21, 2017

Located in Toledo, Oregon, this free, family-friendly, weekend event on August 19-20, 2017 celebrates the historic traditions of wooden boats.  Wooden boats from throughout the northwest are on display ranging from kayaks and canoes to work boats and pleasure craft. Featured events include Family Boat Building, Youth Boat Building, Poker Paddle, Kid’s Toy Boat Building, Georgia Pacific Container Boat Contest, live music, food and vendor booths, as well as informational and historical exhibits. The event is located on Depot Slough one block away from Toledo’s historic Main Street.

This year’s show will honor retired Coast Guard Master Chief, Thomas McAdams.  In his 27 year career, Chief McAdams was highly decorated and considered a legend in the Coast Guard’s small boat community as well as among the fishermen of the Pacific Northwest. In honor of Chief McAdams, the Newport Coast Guard will be attending the show with their steel-hulled 52-foot motor lifeboat, Victory.

Also, on exhibit at this year’s show, will be a restored 36’, US Coast Guard Motor Life Boat, built in 1934.  The boat’s owner, Glen Cathers, spent 6 years restoring MLB 36391,  which is a vessel that his father, Chief Boatswain Mate John L. Cathers ran in the 1930s and 1940s.

2017 Schedule of events

Music Schedule August 19 & 20, 2017


This year’s festivities are being held over through Monday, August 21, for anyone that would like to observe the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.  The Port’s Waterfront Park is located within the path of totality for the eclipse. For more information click here:  August 21, Total Solar Eclipse

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Photos from previous year’s show:   

2016 Tom McAdams
2016 Tom McAdams
Winner of Best Sinking Award
2016 Marina
2016 Carved paddles
2016 Family Boat Building
2016 Dan Roger's Miss Kathleen
2016 Fiddle Workshop by Kelly Thibodeaux
2016 Cajun Queen
2016 Cardboard Little X
2016 Containerboard boat race
2016 Paddle Boards
2015 WBS Coracle paddling
2015 Containerboard entry - Santa's sleigh
2015 WBS Containerboard Entry - Pig Feathers
2015 WBS music at the paviolion
2015 WBS Youth Boat Building maiden voyage
2015 WBS Family Boat Building
2015 WBS Docks
2015 WBS Family Boat Building
2015 WBS Boats
2014 WBS
2014 WBS Chief McAdams
2014 Containerboard Boat Contest
2014 WBS Port of Toledo vs Port of Newport
2014 WBS Taking Aim
2014 WBS Family Boat Building
2014 WBS Youth Boat Building
2014 WBS
2013 GP Containerboard Boat Race
Vintage & Modern Wooden Boats
Children's activities
GP Containerboard Boat Race 2012
Wooden boats, music, food & more!

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