Wooden Boat Show



Located in Toledo, Oregon, this free, family-friendly, weekend event on August 20-21 2016 celebrates the historic traditions of wooden boats, and recreation along the Yaquina River. Wooden boats from throughout the northwest are on display ranging from kayaks and canoes to work boats and pleasure craft. Featured events include Family Boat Building, Youth Boat Building, Poker Paddle, Kid’s Toy Boat Building, Georgia Pacific Container Boat Contest, live music, food and vendor booths, informational and historical exhibits. The event is located on Depot Slough one block away from Toledo’s historic Main Street, where visitors can enjoy localgalleries, restaurants and shops.

The 2016 Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show Poster honors Fred Robison whose family roots were planted here in Toledo and Lincoln County many years ago. Fred is a pioneer of the charter industry in Depoe Bay and has spent most of his life as a maritime surveyor and charter boat captain. Fred still surveys an occasional vessel today. He has passed his passion for the sea to his children. His vision of the future is demonstrated by the creation and construction of his wooden Charter vessel Jimco II which has set the standard for Charter boat design.  The lines of this boat are seen today in many Charter fishing vessels along the West coast. We are proud to honor him this year.

This poster continues the Port of Toledo’s Wooden Boat Show’s tradition of creating unique, collectable posters.  Newport graphic artist, Travis Leonard, created this poster after meeting Fred.  The image depicts a younger Fred Robison debarking the Jimco after a successful Charter trip.

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Front Street Marine, LLC
Abel Insurance Agency
Yaquina Art Association ◊ JC Market of Toledo, Inc.
Greg Herkert, DDS  ◊  Road and Driveway
Kitchen Klutter, Inc.  ◊  Bayscapes Gallery & Coffeehouse



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2016 Containerboard entry - Santa's sleigh
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2015 WBS music at the paviolion
2015 WBS Youth Boat Building maiden voyage
2015 WBS Family Boat Building
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2015 WBS Family Boat Building
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