Family Boat Building

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These are two family activities to build your own boat or paddle board at the Wooden Boat Show.

The Elegant Punt is built in 2 days, during Saturday and Sunday of the show.  This is a good project for youth, but anyone can participate!  The cost is $200 which includes all materials and instruction.  Recommended groups size is 2-3 people per boat with at least one adult.  All ages beginning at 8 years old can work on this project.

The Paddle Board is a new project to us this year.  It will be built in 4 days, starting Thursday before the show.  Bring your kids, parents and grandkids or invite a few friends to build your own wood stand up paddle board and paddle.  This is a great opportunity to build your own beautiful, custom, Stand Up Paddle Board and at the same time create memories for your family that will last a life time.

Under the guidance of local boat builder Rick Johnson families will build, a 12 foot stand up paddle board and paddle.  This stand up paddle board will be stable and good to use in smooth waters.  The cost is $500.00, which includes all materials and instruction. Recommended group size is 2 -5 people per boat, with at least one adult.  All ages, beginning at 8 years old, can work together on this project. All skill levels are welcome.  The building begins on Thursday, August 17th at 9 AM.  Three full days and one half day on Sunday will culminate in an afternoon launch ceremony before you take your Stand Up Paddle Board home.

For more information about the Port of Toledo Wooden Boat Show and to register for Family Boat Building, call 541-336-5207 or email

Link to 2014 Wooden Boat Show video featuring Family Boat Building