Containerboard Boat Contest

GP Containerboard Boat rules

A highlight of the Toledo Wooden Boat Show is the annual Georgia Pacific Containerboard Boat Race. Team constructed cardboard boats will make their maiden and possibly only voyage on Saturday.  The friendly competition is against cardboard boats made by other locals.  Prizes will be awarded for the best design, fastest race times, and Most Spectacular Sinking.  To obtain your kit and get more info, email

2016 Tom McAdams Containerboard Boat
2016 Tom McAdams Winner: Best Sinking
GP Display - 2014
2014 Containerboard Boat
2014 Containerboard boat
2014 Containerboard Boat
2014 Containreboard Boat
Port of Toledo vs Port of Newport
2014 Containerboard Boats
2014 Containerboard Boats
Chief McAdams